Practical tips

We have not included the flight to Vilnius or Kaunas in the packages, to give you maximum flexibility. Please plan your arrival after 16:00, we will then meet you at Vilnius or Kaunas Airport and transfer you to the location, which will take about 90 minutes. Alternatively, you can get a rental car at the airport if you prefer to drive yourself. This will also give accompanying family/friends the opportunity to explore Kaunas and the surroundings of the lake and airfield by car. Lithuania currency is the Euro. Daytime temperatures at the lake are zero degrees Celsius or below and drop to around -10 degrees Celsius at night.

To plan your flights:

2-3 day events: check out of cottages before 10:00 1-day events check out of hotel before 12:00

Information for taking your own drift car to Lithuania (3-day package only):

Driving distance Utrecht (Netherlands) – Kaunas (Lithuania) and return is 3000km.

To come well prepared and make your stay comfortable and enjoyable:

  1. Bring lots of layers of clothing to put or take of when needed.
  2. A warm hat and gloves are essential.
  3. Walking shoes or boots will need a good grip and thick sole; for driving you’ll need normal shoes.
  4. Sunglasses should not only protect against the sun but also enhance the contrast in the snow.
  5. Don’t forget sun cream and lip balm.
  6. Bring swimwear for use in the pool.
  7. If you’re bringing racing shoes, it’s handy to buy very big rain boots and cut them so you can wear them over your racing shoes. This prevents your racing shoes from getting wet when you’re walking outside.
  8. And last but not least: don’t forget your helmet!

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